Boring 2011

I spent Saturday at Boring 2011, which, for the uninitiated, is “a one-day event dedicated to the boring and the mundane, the obvious and the over-looked.”

Boring 2011

Is it just me, or is the uneven pelmet *really* annoying?

My Top 5 Speakers

  • Tim Steiner – Hand Dryers : A Beginners’ Guide
  • Toby Dignum – The Square Root of Two
  • Helen Keen – History of Nasa
  • Dr Felicity Ford – Vending Machines of the British Isles
  • Adam Curtis – BBC Continuity (the bits between the programmes)

Here are some delightful sketched notes by Eva-Lotta Lamm, which are both more beautiful and more interesting than any effort I could possibly muster.

The Swag

  • 1 Boring 2011 grey notebook (standard school exercise book)
  • 1 biro (Bic, obvs)
  • 2 badges, 1 saying “boring”, 1 depicting a filing cabinet
  • 4 postcards of London ATMs (honourable mention to Jess Burton for correctly identifying the Shaftesbury Avenue cash machine)
  • 1 bag of Haribo
  • 1 salacious Maoam
  • As many cans of sparkling white wine as you could carry



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