Social Media Update

Delicious Rescued by YouTube Founders

Even before the leaked Yahoo presentation in which Delicious was earmarked for closure (or “sunset”), users have been worrying about its future. Lack of investment has allowed the popular social bookmarking service to atrophy, but news that Yahoo has finally sold the company to YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen gives cause for fresh optimism. Users will be asked for permission to transfer their data to the new company, AVOS, though the look and feel of Delicious should remain the same. Let’s hope its new owners give it the attention and development time it deserves.

Facebook Launches New Sponsored Stories

Building on the Sponsored Stories ad unit launched in January, Facebook has released a raft of new ad types. There are now seven kinds of sponsored story:

  • Page like
  • Page post
  • Page post like
  • App used or game played
  • App shared
  • Facebook Places check-in
  • Domain or link shared

The sponsored stories will be displayed in the right hand side ad space, as and when friends engage in the above activities on Facebook. You can read all about it here (thanks to Matt Monahan for sharing the link).

Touch Wood Xylophone

Amazing video in which a giant xylophone plays “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” using only the power of gravity. It’s a lovely concept, well executed, which ends with a simple shot of the Touch Wood SH-08C phone. The video has racked up more than 3m views on YouTube in the past three weeks. Take a look.


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