Social Media Update

Twitter Buying TweetDeck?

Twitter is rumoured to be in talks to acquire TweetDeck for $50m. When Twitter acquired Tweetie last year, it was to satisfy the need for an official mobile app. Twitter’s recent hostility towards third party client development leads some to believe this acquisition is a defensive move: will Twitter kill TweetDeck? If Ubermedia (which already owns UberTwitter, Echofon and Twidroyd) is developing a Twitter competitor, it might make strategic sense for Twitter to purchase TweetDeck purely to keep it from falling into their rival’s hands. It seems unlikely that Twitter would continue to develop and support, in-house, two completely different desktop clients, especially after repeatedly emphasizing the need for a consistent user experience. In other news, Twitter is considering developing “Facebook-style” branded pages and opening an East London office in the near future.

Spotify Limits Free Usage

Spotify last week announced it will be cutting back on free usage: total listening time for non-paying users will be halved, from 20 hours per month to 10 hours. Perhaps more frustratingly, individual songs will only be playable up to five times for free account users. Spotify’s service hooked users by being too good to be true, and it’s hardly surprising that the record labels are finally forcing them to tighten their usage policy before potentially launching in the US. This is an opportunity for new services like Amazon’s Cloud Player to pick up users who are jumping ship, and steal a march on Apple, Google, and HP, whose cloud-based offerings have yet to launch. New business models like Beyond Oblivion will also benefit from the chance to shift disenchanted monthly subscribers onto a one-off license model. No music service has yet successfully implemented social sharing as an integral part of its offering: let’s see if one of the new contenders can get it right!

Facebook Studio

Lost Boys Anne Frank app in the Facebook Studio

Lost Boys Anne Frank app in the Facebook Studio

Facebook has launched a new site called Facebook Studio to showcase creative social media campaigns: browse popular branded pages, see the latest apps and tabs, along with case studies and results. The learning lab offers advice for marketers, and Facebook awards will recognize the most innovative entries. The site is part of Facebook’s efforts to develop closer ties with the advertising world, supported by the recent influencer summit and hiring of an agency relations team.

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