Social Media Update


Chromaroma is a is an Oyster-enabled location based game, that enlivens your daily commute by turning every swipe into a check-in. You can compete against other users, join teams, earn points and complete missions. Unlike other location-based games, it doesn’t require a smartphone, or a deliberate check-in process. It’s not real time, due to the constraints of having to access TFL’s data, but it allows people to capture a part of their digital footprint, and perhaps eventually use that data to improve their journeys in tangible ways. It’s an interesting example of the potential for gamification in everyday life.

Chromaroma from Mudlark on Vimeo.

Suwappu Augmented Reality Toys



Suwappu are adorable, interchangeable figurines that can interact with each other via augmented reality. The top half signifies the identity of the character, the lower half determines the environment. Placed together and viewed through a connected device, the characters can communicate and tell stories. Each creature also has its own Twitter account, though it’s not quite clear whether this is the only input for the characters’ conversations. A really thought provoking project: well done Dentsu and Berg! (And thanks to Juliet Lall for emailing this round!)

Desperados Interactive Video Campaign

Desperados, the tequila flavoured beer, has launched an interactive video campaign on YouTube. Enter your age, make a series of choices, interact with the video to break through into the party, and then share your experience on Facebook.



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