Social Media Update

Color: a New Breed of Photo App

Photo-sharing mobile apps have been getting a lot of attention recently, as apps like Instagram start to find wider adoption (even Starbucks wants a slice of the action). Color is the latest service to get geeks excited, with its dynamic interpretation of social connections: your elastic network learns who your closest friends are and helps you see the world through their eyes. It also makes use of all the phone’s sensors, cleverly using camera and microphone data to triangulate users’ locations. While many people may be content with conventional photo sharing via Flickr, Facebook or Twitter, this app hints at the direction in which all mobile apps are heading: a brave new world of location and context-sensitive intuitive sharing. Try it out!

Color, the photo-sharing app

Color, the photo-sharing app

Asos and Diet Coke

Asos and Diet Coke have teamed up to launch a fashion competition. Street Style Stars will give one lucky fashionista the chance to feature in a fashion shoot displayed on the Piccadilly Circus Coca-Cola sign.

Street Style Star

Street Style Star

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