Social Media Update

Facebook Like Gets Share Functionality

The most recent evolution of the ubiquitous Facebook like button allows a like to take over certain functions of the share button. Every time you like an item, link or brand, a story will be posted to your profile wall and your friends’ newsfeeds, complete with thumbnail and blurb. While this is sure to boost the viral reach of branded Facebook page status updates, it is also likely to further alienate users who feel they receive too much newsfeed spam. The share button will continue to be supported, but not further developed. Though initially confusing, hopefully this consolidation will result in a simpler user experience overall.

The Telegraph and #Binkie

The Telegraph scored a massive own goal last week by publishing a piece so infuriatingly facile that the internet almost imploded under the weight of its own scorn. The article, titled Wedding Day Countdown, outlined the wedding preparations of Binkie West, including advertorial-style links to recommended hair stylists and country clubs. As links to the article proliferated, and fake Twitter accounts sprang up, the Telegraph decided first to disable comments and then finally to delete the offending story. Fortunately, the internet never forgets – here’s a screengrab saved before the article was removed.

Binkie's Wedding Day Count Down

Binkie's Wedding Day Count Down

The Clear Pill

Some of you may have spotted tube ads for The Clear Pill appearing over the past few weeks.

NZT and the Clear Pill

Thanks to Digital Cuppa for the image

While at first sight it appears to be the usual trashy pharmaceutical ad for some miracle cure placebo, it’s actually all part of the viral advertising campaign for upcoming film Limitless. You may question whether this really does drive word of mouth buzz, but I first discovered the campaign through seeing a Facebook friend commenting on another friend’s status. Nice work from M2M – great tactical positioning!

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