Suuns at CAMP

“Dude, Suuns, listen to them. Interesting.” A concise recommendation from the delightful @Hollyzone about three weeks ago. I listened. I liked. Arena made me feel a bit like I’d just fallen headlong into the Tron soundtrack, but with added guitars. Wow.

I’d been meaning to investigate the City Arts and Music Project for a while. CAMP’s deliciously grungy concrete basement was the perfect venue for Suuns’ experimental, glitchy, indie electronica. Having listened to Zeroes QC more times than is healthy, I feared it might be difficult for a live performance to replicate the powerful, taut complexity of the studio album. I needn’t have worried: they somehow segue from terrifyingly dense riffs to tense sparsity and back again without losing any momentum. For me, the climax of the night was Pie IX. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the (slightly NSFW) video: mesmerizing and unsettling in equal measure.

Pie IX by Suuns from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Rumour has it Suuns are playing Corsica Studios in May. You should go. I should go. We should all go.


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