Social Media Update

New Changes to Facebook Pages

Facebook is making some changes to the way branded pages operate, bringing them more in line with the new personal profiles. In an email last week to branded page admins, Facebook announced the following new features:

  • Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
  • A place to showcase photos along the top of your page
  • A news feed for your page
  • The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page

All pages will be upgraded on the 10th of March, but brands can already preview the new page layout and have the option to upgrade early. While the ability to post on other pages as a branded page may be welcomed by many marketers, it has the potential to further increase levels of branded spam. Also, though it may be useful to get interaction notifications, users who are admins of multiple pages have been deluged with notification alerts until finally working out how to turn them off.

Integrated Video Likes

New film Chalet Girl is taking product placement to a whole new level: the trailer includes embedded like buttons within the video. If you “like” a member of the cast or a snowboarding brand, the story will show up in your newsfeed, promoting both the film and the brands. A bit gimmicky, but an interesting tactic.

Embedded Facebook Like

Embedded Facebook Like

Branded Embedded Like

Branded Embedded Like

We Are The Future

PHD Worldwide have been getting a lot of flak for their new video ad We Are The Future: is it “a reflection on how the next generation will engage with brands” or some sort of terrifying, soul destroying buzzword bingo? You decide.

Regardless of the quality of the content, what has angered people most is PHD’s alleged deletion of negative comments on the YouTube channel, and their failure to respond constructively to criticism. UPDATE@PHDWorldwide have now responded via an entry on Posterous. That said, it’s the only entry on a brand new blog. A blog they don’t link to from their website. Yet.

Caffè Nero Twitter-Jacked

Caffè Nero has been Twitter-jacked, if that’s a word. The @Cafe_Nero account is clearly not official (as the name is misspelled), but it’s close enough to confuse unwary consumers.

Fake @Cafe_Nero Twitter Account

Fake @Cafe_Nero Twitter Account

Two possible official accounts, @Caffe_Nero and @caffenerouk, remain unused. (Thanks to David Law for spotting this.)

Help Unlock Elbow’s New Album

Unlock tracks from Elbow's new album by connecting with Twitter or Facebook

Unlock tracks from Elbow's new album by connecting with Twitter or Facebook

Elbow have taken an interesting approach to promoting their new album, “Build a rocket boys!” Just go to the microsite, connect your Facebook or Twitter account, and choose which song you want unlocked. When enough people have voted for a song, a preview clip is revealed, along with an animated video clip. A little disappointing that it doesn’t unlock the whole track, but still a nice idea. Also surprising to see that while the band’s Facebook page is actively taking part in the campaign, their official Twitter account has been dormant for over two years!


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