Social Media Update

AOL Buys Huffington Post

Just a week after copies of The AOL Way were leaked, the media giant has purchased the Huffington Post for $315m. While some argue that AOL’s approach is “nightmarish and cynical“, others point out the inevitability of large-scale content farming. Let’s hope that the arrival of Arianna Huffington within AOL will help them up their game in terms of editorial quality.

Kenneth Cole Hash-Spam Fail

Brands really need to stop doing this. Kenneth Cole came under fire last week for inappropriately using #Cairo in a promotional tweet. It’s almost worse than when Habitat got caught spamming the Iran Mousavi hashtag.

#cairo sales spam

#cairo sales spam

The tweet was deleted shortly afterwards, but it was already too late. The Facebook apology generated another 400 negative comments.


Kenneth Cole Facebook apology

Guilty as charged...

Guilty as charged...

Social Media Week

Happy Social Media Week! LBi will be participating by running a number of events, including Openshops, Social Media Surgeries, and Meet the Bloggers. We’re also hosting the Social Media Week closing party, and offering two summer work placements through our Tweet of the Week competition! Just tweet with #LBiSMW to take part.

Social Media Week

Social Media Week

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