Social Media Update

TV Check-Ins

A new type of check-in is emerging, and this time, you don’t even have to leave the house. Services like GetGlue are giving users the opportunity to check-in to their favourite TV shows, movies, music and books. You can comment, review, earn badges, get discounts, see what friends are enjoying, and get recommendations based on your preferences.

This ties into a wider trend around the promotion of entertainment through social media. Previously, a TV show might launch a Facebook fan page once it had developed a fan base. Shows like Skins now seek to develop a fan base through social media before the series has even aired. Similarly, films like Monsters are using social media channels to build hype long before the premiere.

Facebook Influencer Summit

Facebook plans to hold its first ever Influencer Summit, inviting top digital agencies to suggest how Facebook and brands can better work together. Chris Clarke will be representing LBi, joining delegates from AKQA and Dare, amongst others. It’s nice to see Facebook starting to take agency relationships more seriously: let’s hope this becomes an annual event!

Internet 2010 in Numbers

Royal Pingdom has put together an impressive list of internet stats summing up 2010. A few social media highlights for you:

  • 152 million blogs on the internet
  • 175 million people on Twitter (as of September 2010)
  • 25 billion tweets sent in 2010
  • 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month

(Thanks to Riaz for the link!)

Wikipedia’s 10th Birthday

On the 15th of January, Wikipedia, everyone’s favourite user-generated encyclopedia, turned ten years old. All over the world, tenth anniversary events celebrated the birthday. In London, Jimmy Wales threw a little VIP party at the Louise Blouin Foundation for prominent Wikipedians and contributors: the guest list included Cory Doctorow, Peter Gabriel and Richard Dawkins. See Reuters for video footage from the event. Wired celebrated with an entire week of stories about Wikipedia, the British Library held an Editathon, and there were Wikipedia meetups in cities across the globe.

Wikipedia Turns Ten

Wikipedia Turns Ten

Hugh’s Fish Fight

Interesting integrated social media campaign from Channel 4: Fish Fight. It’s all about championing sustainable seafood: apparently, half of all fish caught in the North Sea are thrown back dead. The discard protest campaign is spreading through Facebook and Twitter, supporting the Channel 4 TV show Hugh’s Fish Fight.


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