Social Media Update

Exploiting the Facebook Redesign

Want to annoy your friends on Facebook? Just tag them in a string of images that form a banner or phrase right on the top of their profile page…

Your profile, Bieber-ized

Your profile, Bieber-ized

Wikileaks, Tax Avoidance and Political Context

Brands increasingly need to be aware of the political context of their actions. PayPal this week suffered a consumer backlash due to their refusal to handle Wikileaks donations, with users posting complaints on their Facebook page. Both PayPal and Amazon have suffered DDoS attacks from Wikileaks supporters in retaliation. Similarly, Vodafone’s recent appropriation of #mademesmile on Twitter backfired: UK Uncut encouraged people to hijack their marketing campaign by publicising Vodafone’s tax avoidance.

Adding Parents on Facebook

Tough decision? Try this helpful flow chart…

Should you accept your parent's Facebook friend request?

Should you accept your parent's Facebook friend request?

First Time Online

Rather heartwarming campaign encouraging people to help others discover the internet: “Go on, give someone their first time online“. 9 million people in the UK have never been online: as the internet plays an increasingly large role in modern life, they are being left behind. As part of Race Online 2012, people are becoming “digital champions”: donating old PCs to Age UK, giving training, or spending time helping a friend or relative. (Thanks to Ben for finding this.)


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