Social Media Update

New Facebook Profiles

Mark Zuckerberg appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday, just hours after the release of the most recent Facebook profile redesign. The new layout aims to give a one page overview: everything you need to know about a person in one place. A scrolling photo strip shows recently tagged images, the tab structure has been replaced with a side menu, and your interests are now represented by a customizable set of “like” tiles. Take a look…

Location Recommendations

Location-based networks have the potential to make our social lives easier: so far, this has usually been by letting you know where your friends are, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t also start to suggest where you should go. Foursquare already tells you which locations are trending each evening, and previous map mashups like Social Great and Fourwhere help you find recommended venues. I noticed the Fourcast bot on Twitter a few weeks ago, making recommendations on where users should visit based on their previous Foursquare checkins. Foursquare Coupons promises to give followers coupons according to their checkins. The latest iPhone update of Loopt goes a step further: it uses a social filter to show places relevant to your social circle.

GeoSweep Limericks

GeoSweep, “the UnLottery”, have launched a rather interesting Twitter campaign. Backed up by Tube ads, they are encouraging Twitter users to tweet limericks about places or landmarks, including the hashtag #GeoLim. (Thanks to Richard for the tip.)


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