Social Media Update

Battle of the Social Browser

When Rockmelt launched a few weeks ago, everyone started talking about social browsers again. Trialling Flock a few years ago, I loved the concept, but found the reality impractical. This time, however, it might be worth taking another look: both browsers are now based on Chromium, and Flock’s latest update directly challenges its upstart rival. Now that social networking has reached critical mass, a little healthy competition may be the key to developing the ideal social browser. Try them both, and see which you prefer.

TRON: Legacy Facebook App

Ahead of the launch of TRON: Legacy this December, there are plenty of things going on to build up the hype. You can see a light show on the exterior of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, along with a recreation of Flynn’s arcade. If you can’t make it to the Southbank, you can still play a starring role in the film’s trailer: just visit the Facebook app, upload a passport style photo, and watch your own customized movie.

LBi Rave

If you can’t wait for this Thursday’s LBi Rave, get in the mood with this delightful Rave Generator.


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