Social Media Update

In the run up to Christmas, Google has launched, an online retail site that mixes powerful visual search technology with the functionality of a fashion social network. Users create virtual boutiques based on their fashion preferences, and can follow celebrity boutiques to get style recommendations. Funded by an advertising-based business model, it’s not surprising Google wants to experiment with using retail interfaces more engaging than the existing Google Shopping search results. If the site takes off in the US, we may see a UK version sometime next year.

BrandYou on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is seeking to reinforce its position as the place to build your own personal brand. Take the BrandYou survey, answer a few quick questions, and see how you fit in amongst the world’s biggest brands. It’s a bit like your own professional horoscope.

Where Is Your Line?

A thought provoking interactive video campaign from The Havens, a specialist centre for victims of rape or sexual abuse in London. Where Is Your Line? explores the boundaries of acceptable behaviour by asking you to click when you feel the line has been crossed. Tied in with results from a recent survey of young people’s attitudes, the film shows how your answer compares with the rest of the respondents. Interesting use of video for educational purposes.

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