Social Media Update

Facebook Places Deals

Facebook Places now allows advertisers to serve deals to consumers who check in. It’s a similar model to that already offered by Foursquare, but as well as basic check in rewards, there are also three other flavours of deal:

• Charity – check in to donate
• Loyalty – virtual reward cards
• Social – tag your friends to unlock the deal

The promotions will be free to set up, but will receive minimal support from Facebook (much like pages and apps). Deals are launching in the US with 21 initial partners, and we expect them to be available in the UK by the end of the year.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Google launched its new Place Search facility, and Google-backed SCVNGR now has support from the Google Maps API, allowing easier checkins to UK locations. Meanwhile, Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley has been talking about what happens after the checkin. Which brand do you trust most to serve you relevant venue recommendations: Facebook, Google or Foursquare?

Win Free Flights with Bmibaby on Twitter

Bmibaby has been giving away free flights on Twitter with a new take on Follow Friday. Free Flight Follow Friday is a simple twist on the usual #ff: tweet #ffff to enter your friends into a prize draw for free flights. Nice idea!

Free Flight Follow Friday with bmibaby

Free Flight Follow Friday with bmibaby

Monsters on Foursquare

As part of the promotional activity for Monsters, branded Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare channels are broadcasting updates from the Subterrestrial Research Association, warning UK residents of “infected zones”. Potentially a neat way of tying together an Alternate Reality Game: it’ll be interesting to see how engaging they can make it.


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