Social Media Update

MySpace Relaunches

So, MySpace (or should I say, Myspace, or even My_____) is relaunching yet again. Proof that some people never tire of flogging a dead horse? The new design tacitly concedes that Facebook has won the war of the social networks, and instead focuses on reinventing itself as a fully fledged music platform – a good idea, but in my opinion, at least two years too late. Sadly for Myspace, it seems most people’s reaction to the news of its rebranding was incredulity that it still existed: some say the site is already a ghost town.

The Guardian’s Guidelines

A few weeks ago, The Guardian published blogging and commenting guidelines for their journalists: a mature and responsible corporate approach to dealing with the public. A few key points:

  • Participate in conversations about our content, and take responsibility for the conversations you start.
  • Link to sources for facts or statements you reference, and encourage others to do likewise.
  • Declare personal interest when applicable. Be transparent about your affiliations, perspectives or previous coverage of a particular topic or individual.

Good rules for blogging and commenting, but also relevant to Facebook, Twitter and community management in general.

Nike Grid

I love the idea of Nike Grid, but I’m far too lazy to take part. London is your gameboard: run between allocated grid phone boxes and dial in to record your run times. Compete, repeat, earn points, take pride. Fortunately, LBi has plenty of fitter, more energetic people willing to take up the challenge: Lost Boys Int, we salute you.

Lost Boys Int on Nike Grid

Lost Boys Int on Nike Grid

Marie Claire Offends Facebook Fans

Marie Claire has had a tough week on Facebook: hundreds of fans unliked the brand page after the magazine published a controversial blog post about overweight couples on television. Initially the author, Maura Kelly, updated the post with an apology: evidently that wasn’t enough, as the blog post now appears to have been retrospectively deleted. The online outrage culminated in an offline protest: a “big fat kiss-in” outside the Hearst offices. The Facebook activism continues, though the page still has over 28,000 fans.

Win a ticket to Monitoring Social Media 2010

Fancy a free ticket to Monitoring Social Media 2010? Simply leave a comment on Selena Chan’s blog for a shot at the prize.


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