Social Media Update

The Future of Television

Last week, Lorenzo sent round a link to the guidelines for optimizing websites for Google TV, provoking a flurry of emails here at LBi regarding the relative merits of Google TV, Apple TV, YouView, and just about everything else. From ABC’s My Generation iPad app to potential apps that will interweave television with social media content, it’s clear that the television of the future will be a much more interactive experience. And what kind of controller could be versatile enough to control all that TV might become? A ten thousand button nightmare? A motion sensitive device? Gesture-based signalling? Anyone’s guess.

10 Key Stats on Social Media Today

A lovely infographic from our friends at BigmouthMedia: all data taken from eConsultancy’s Social Media Survey 2010.

10 Key Stats on Social Media

10 Key Stats on Social Media

Greater Manchester Police on Twitter

Last week, the Greater Manchester Police tweeted for 24 hours to help people understand the diverse range of social issues they deal with. Three accounts, @gmp24_1, @gmp24_2 and @gmp24_3, contributed 3205 tweets describing incidents in Manchester on the 15th of October.

The hashtag #gmp24 attracted a healthy debate on the subject of modern policing, but also a good deal of criticism: “The police should be catching criminals, not wasting time on social websites,” said Fiona McEvoy of the TaxPayers’ Alliance. A fake account also emerged, tweeting more satirical content: @gmp24_0.

Gloria Gaynor

Don't worry - she will survive...

Nonetheless, Chief Constable Peter Fahy claimed the experiment was a success, and said the data illustrated just how much police time is taken up by “social work” (such as nuisance calls, domestic disputes and antisocial behaviour) rather than serious crime.

Categorisation of police incidents during Twitter experiment

Categorisation of police incidents during Twitter experiment

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