Social Media Update


Location-based startup LikeOurselves attended TechMAP last Monday, and I got a guided tour of their new iPhone app. The service aims to connect people with similar interests: “Foursquare for friends you haven’t met yet”, as The Next Web put it. The most obvious applications are dating and business networking, but I think it needs a little work on its grouping and tagging interface before it is appealing to general purpose users.

LikeOurselves helps you find people nearby with similar interests

LikeOurselves helps you find people nearby with similar interests

Foursquare For Universities

Foursquare is encouraging universities to use Foursquare For Universities, helping new students to find their way around campus. According to Wired, Harvard, Stanford, Texas and Syracuse have already signed up: it’s a logical virtual extension of the Freshers’ Fair tradition.

The Future of eReaders

This little video went round the Media team last week: IDEO’s three visions of how the book might evolve over the next ten years. Thanks to Attila for sending it round.

Brawling Billboard

On the 8th of October, a brave bunch of LBi-ers will take on Execution at the Emirates Stadium. One of their number will be the magnificent Brawling Billboard: purchase a piece of his manly real estate, and upload a design to be tattooed onto it. All proceeds go to Help For Heroes.

The Brawling Billboard


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