Social Media Update

New Twitter Interface

Twitter’s new interface is being rolled out globally this week: the new Twitter allows you to consume shared content without navigating to a third party site, along with integrating some of the best features of existing standalone clients. These improvements take a step closer to being the first choice for browsing your tweets, perhaps paving the way for Twitter to attract advertising revenue in future.

Facebook Places Arrives in the UK

Just a few weeks behind our American cousins, Facebook Places has finally launched in the UK. This is clearly an opportunity to start serving highly targeted location-specific ads, but at present there is no mechanism for doing this through the official Facebook app or mobile browsing experience. Foursquare, on the other hand, is further down the path to monetization, with big brands like McDonald’s already enjoying success with location-based campaigns.

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Macmillan’s annual coffee morning takes place on Friday the 24th of September: what a wonderfully easy way to give to a good cause. Here at LBi, we’ll be donating the proceeds from our Friday coffees in the basement, and the Media team will be organizing a good old fashioned bake sale on the third floor tomorrow.

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Painting With Light

Lovely stuff from Dentsu London and BERG: using an iPad as a light source to generate stop-motion holograms. Nice work.

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