Social Media Update

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube is rolling out a live streaming platform for a two day trial. Initial partners include Howcast, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood. This will put YouTube in direct competition with specialist services like however, it’s very unlikely that live streaming functionality will be made available to all YouTube channels, at least not in the short term.

David McCandless on TED

David McCandless of Information is Beautiful presents his beautiful infographics on TED: take a look at the fascinating patterns he unearths from mountains of available data.

Uniqlo Lucky Machine

Last week, Uniqlo’s Lucky Counter allowed people to group tweet for discounts. This week, the Lucky Machine encourages you to play “roulette” (actually much more like pinball): it’s all part of promoting the new UK online store. The game encourages you to like the Uniqlo Facebook page, invite friends, and tweet your score to earn more chances to win.

Uniqlo Lucky Machine

Uniqlo Lucky Machine

A Hunter Shoots a Bear!

A surprising brand to be creating viral videos, but this “choose your own ending” story by Tipp-Ex is really rather good. Six million views already. Compared with this list of the most successful viral videos of 2010, that’s pretty good going.

Girl Talk GIF Video

Test your geek knowledge: how many of the animated gifs in this music video do you recognize? Thanks to @blackplastic for showcasing this in Friday’s media meeting. It’s a perfect example of audio-visual media mashup from Evan Roth and Girl Talk, all fair use copyright – Happy Monday!


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