Social Media Update

Diaspora Launch

If you’re tired of Facebook’s increasing ubiquity, you have only weeks to wait before you can jump ship: Diaspora will launch its consumer facing alpha version in October. The open source code will be released on the 15th of September, giving developers a headstart to think about how the project can be integrated with existing services.

Gmail Voice Calls

Calling from Gmail

Calling from Gmail

Google has added Skype-like functionality to Gmail: you can call landlines and mobiles from Google Chat, for free. It’s currently available only in the US and Australia, but keep your eyes peeled for the UK launch: the service has already proved popular, with over a million calls made in the first day.

Interactive Twitter Murals

The Canadian Tourism Commission has placed giant touch screen murals on US high streets to display real time updates from people talking about Canada. What better way to inspire the persuadable passer by? Hat tip to Pipa for finding this.

Arcade Fire Streetview Video

This is really rather lovely. Arcade Fire are seamlessly integrating Google Street View images in their latest music video. Simply enter your childhood postcode, and watch as the video is populated with your own nostalgic landscapes. Clever use of HTML5 – thanks to @blackplastic and @samstokes for spotting it.

David’s Bee Beard

Save the bees! LBi and Your Mum have teamed up to draw attention to the plight of the humble bee. Tweet your support to David’s Bee Beard and watch as the beardy petition becomes a mighty swarm.


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