Social Media Update

Google Acquires Jambool

Google continues to snap up companies that may be useful in its struggle against Facebook: last week it was Slide, this week, it’s social payments company Jambool. The $70m price tag implies Google are willing to invest serious money reinvigorating Google Checkout so it can compete with Facebook Credits.

Official Tweet Buttons

Twitter is launching official Tweet Buttons that will enable article sharing and retweet counting across third party sites. Much like Facebook’s social plugins, this will provide a consistent method of embedding Twitter functions with minimal coding complexity.

New Tweet Buttons

The New Tweet Buttons

Facebook Pages Change Again

Just a minor cosmetic issue, but if you have a bespoke tab on your Facebook fan page, it may need a little tweaking due to new sizing requirements for custom pages. This may cause extra design costs as brands scramble to implement changes before the 23rd of August. The narrower page format fits with a new profile layout, expected in September, that allows more space for wider ad units.

The Twitter Movie

Yes, it’s a spoof of the Facebook movie trailer. Thanks to Ken and the CRM team for passing this on.

JetBlue and Steven Slater

In the aftermath of the Steven Slater story, JetBlue has given us another great example of how not to use Twitter, responding to a tweet from comedian Andy Borowitz with a little sense of humour failure. Have we learned nothing from NestlĂ©’s Facebook disaster, or @BPglobalPR? You can’t tell people not to make fun of you on a social media channel: it’s like sticking a sign on your own back saying “kick me”.

Foursquare Visualization

If you’ve been checking in on Foursquare for a few months now, you might be wondering just how much of your location data the service has stored up: take a look at this visualization to see your movements tracked over time, and compare it with your friends to see which venues you have in common.

See where you have been, and compare with friends


One response to “Social Media Update

  1. Great synopsis of social media – seems like each week is more interesting than the last.

    Thank you for including Weeplaces in this update. We recently added a feature that allows users to overlay their map with their friend’s foursquare check-ins.

    Check it out and send us your thoughts!


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