Social Media Update

Twitter Suggestions

Twitter is slowly rolling out a new tool that recommends users you might like to follow. “Suggestions for You” will hopefully address one of the most common problems faced by new users: “Who do I follow?” Not all accounts have this function enabled yet, but if yours has, give it a try: I’ve found it pretty useful so far.

Facebook Users’ Union

Facebook makes its money from the personal data we provide, so why shouldn’t we have a say in what they spend that money on? That’s the idea behind the Facebook Users’ Union. If we could encourage them to donate a percentage of annual revenue to charity, Facebook could become a powerful force for good. Not a bad idea.

Google Kills Wave

This makes me sad. Google has pulled the plug on Wave, due to disappointing user adoption. So why did the most hyped new technology of 2009 fail to take off? I think it was mainly the fault of poor launch strategy and lack of integration with existing Google products. Rumour has it the best bits of the technology will be incorporated into Google’s next attempt at a social network: let’s hope they make a better job of it second time around.

Social Media Strategy

Inspired by this rather marvellous dining decision engine, Mike Phillips and Stedmeister have created a gloriously simple social media strategy solution. I’m pretty sure I’ve used most of them already…

Social Media Strategy made easy

Making it up so you don't have to.


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