Social Media Update

Flipboard – Your Personalised Magazine

A new iPad app has been the talk of the town this week: Flipboard takes the links your friends share with you on Twitter and Facebook, and turns them into a beautiful rich media magazine. You can see which of your friends have liked or commented on the article, and the browsing experience is a delight. (Thanks to @blackplastic for shamelessly showing off this app.)

Unfortunately, Flipboard may be a victim of its own success, as demand has been so high that the startup is struggling to cope. And it may be illegal, as it doesn’t use conventional RSS feeds. Let’s hope they find a way round these obstacles, as Pulse did.

Dr Pepper – What’s the Worst That Could Could Happen?

Poor old Dr Pepper. A few months ago, their status takeover campaign was being hailed as a smart, savvy social media campaign, boosting engagement and really letting people have some fun with the brand. It was all going so well, with thousands of people installing the Facebook app and risking their pride for a chance at a prize. All until one status update, referencing the notorious “2 Girls 1 Cup” meme, was published to the account of a fourteen year old girl, and spotted by her mother. The outraged parent took to Mumsnet, and the rest is history. Who is to blame: Lean Mean Fighting Machine, for taking the joke too far, or Coca Cola, for signing off a status update they didn’t understand?

Dr Pepper Status Takeover

Dr Pepper Status Takeover

Life In A Day

On Saturday the 24th of July, YouTube was encouraging everyone to film a glimpse of their daily life. The best submissions will be edited into an experimental documentary film, produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald. The most ambitious crowdsourced UGC project ever? Possibly.


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