Social Media Update

Twitter Promotes Deals with Earlybird

Twitter has created a promotional account to highlight time sensitive exclusive deals. @Earlybird will tweet about special offers, sneak-peeks, and events. At the moment deals are largely focused on US and international brands, but there is clearly potential to set up regional or interest-specific accounts. Building on Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trending Topics, Earlybird could turn into a very lucrative activity for Twitter.

Goodbye Facebook Gifts

Facebook Gifts will no longer be available from the 1st of August. Given that I don’t know anyone who still uses them, I think it’s probably fair to say that Facebook has outgrown this particular function, especially as apps allowing more sophisticated social gaming have emerged. A statement from Facebook focuses on the role gifts have played in the network’s development: “Out of the Gift Shop’s “gift credits” came the virtual currency, Facebook Credits, that now makes it easier for people to buy premium items across the many games and applications on Facebook.” So, credits are here to stay, but gifts are gone for good.

Springwise Innovation Insanity

Take a look at the 2010 Springwise list of business innovations: Innovation Insanity. Highlights include: QR codes for bikes, tube refunds via iPhone app, and crowdsourced outfit decisions.

Real Life Social Networks

Paul Adams, Senior UserExperience Researcher at Google, has put together a great deck on how to better map real world social networks online. Real people don’t just have one big bucket of “friends”: they have complex overlapping webs of relationship groups. Therefore, online social networks must be designed for multiple independent social groups, and must respect the need for privacy at the intersection of those groups.

The Human Avatar

A slightly more sinister version of David On Demand, The Human Avatar is a promotional stunt for the game All Points Bulletin. One man has been chosen, and we, the public, can customize him according to our preferences. At the end of the project, a virtual version will be released onto the streets of the game in-world. Creepy.

New Graffiti Artwork from Blu

This is wonderful, and you should all watch it. Blu is an Italian graffiti artist best known for his stop-motion mural animations. His most recent work “Big Bang Big Boom” has been spreading across Twitter like wildfire.


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