Social Media Update

LinkedIn Revamps Groups

LinkedIn has revealed changes that make its groups more like Facebook and Twitter, with a new emphasis on starting conversations. Users can “like” comments or conversations, and “follow” organisations or individuals. It’ll be interesting to see if this boosts interaction, or just further complicates the user experience.

Google Maps for Android Copies Foursquare

The new Google Maps 4.3 for Android has added a location sharing feature. Add a friend to your Google Latitude friend list, and you can share location updates. Does this mean Google Latitude might finally be useful?

Barclays Virtual Reality Game

Barclays is reaching out to a younger market, with the release of a new virtual reality game in which players earn points by using money wisely. 56 Sage Street will be promoted with a Facebook page, where players can share tips on the game.

“The Social Network” – the Facebook Film

Poster for "The Social Network"

The poster for the upcoming Facebook film “The Social Network” has been doing the rounds for a few weeks, but now there’s a trailer to go with it. I would embed the video from YouTube, but apparently Sony pictures have “blocked it on copyright grounds”, and the share function on their own trailer site doesn’t seem to work. Sigh.

David on Demand

In case you missed it, David on Demand was one of the best things at Cannes this year. Take a look.


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