Social Media Update

Twitter Ads in Trending Topics

Twitter has started to roll out ads in its “trending topics” section. These promoted trends are the next phase in the monetisation of Twitter, building on the concept of promoted tweets unveiled earlier this year.

Toy Story 3 appearing as a promoted trend on Twitter

Twitter Places

Twitter users are now able to check in to places. Interestingly, Twitter have worked with Foursquare and Gowalla to integrate existing check-in locations, so that when searching for tweets from a Twitter place, you will also see location-tagged tweets shared through other networks.

Nielsen and McKinsey form NM Incite

The Nielsen Company and McKinsey & Co. have teamed up to forma new global joint venture called NM Incite. The new entity will seek to blend consulting skill with audience data in the social media research space.

Gatorade Mission Control

This looks too cool to be real: Gatorade have given Mashable an exclusive sneak peek into their social media “Mission Control” centre. Their suite of monitoring tools allows them to react and respond to social media conversations in real time, and has already enabled Gatorade to increase engagement by 250%. If the Mission Control approach can prove itself, it may be rolled out to other PepsiCo brands.

Westfield Foursquare

Westfield is using Foursquare to promote their new Stratford City shopping centre. Users can check-in to East London venues for a chance to win tickets to a pop-up Bistrotheque restaurant on the site of the new centre.



Sportweet is Uniqlo’s latest Twitter application, turning tweeting into a competitive sport! Enter your Twitter username, and the app calculates a “world ranking” for your Twitter account based on popularity, activity, power, speed and spirit. Have a go!


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