Social Media Update

BBC iPlayer Gets Social

The new iPlayer Beta, set to go live at the end of June, will add social features to the BBC’s popular streaming service. Registered users will be able to tie in their Twitter, Facebook and Messenger profiles, to share what they’re watching across their social graph. Good news!

“You Both Follow” on Twitter

In the same week as Twitter passed the 15 billion tweet mark, another new feature is being rolled out. When viewing any user’s profile, you will now see a list of people you both follow – a handy way of seeing if you have any friends in common with a potential contact. Thanks to Matt Pike for spotting this story!

How do you say Sysomos?

This social media monitoring system doesn’t have the easiest name to pronounce, so the good people at Sysomos went out and filmed a bunch of people giving it a go. Take a look.

@BPglobalPR Unmasked

One of the most entertaining satirical Twitter feeds around, @BPglobalPR has been amusing us for weeks now with its alternative view on the BP oil spill. “Leroy Stick” has some forceful views on the meaning of corporate social responsibility: “FORGET YOUR BRAND… You know the best way to get the public to respect your brand? Have a respectable brand… This isn’t just your disaster, this is a human tragedy.” Well said.


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