Social Media Update

New IAB Framework

The IAB has recently revealed a framework for measuring the effectiveness of social media activity. At LBi, we’ve already developed our own measurement framework, but it’s always interesting to see another perspective.This is a great starting point for developing a common language when discussing social media metrics.

Facebook’s New Privacy Controls

In response to the backlash against Facebook’s somewhat cavalier attitude to personal privacy, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the following upcoming features:

  • Simple controls for amending all viewing permissions to friends-only, friends-of-friends, or everyone
  • An opt-out for the Facebook Platform, allowing you to keep your information off third party sites
  • An opt-out for sharing your friends list and liked pages

The new controls are certainly an improvement in ease of use, but have they gone far enough to satisfy Facebook’s harshest detractors?

Engine Power Index

Appealing to the ever competitive ranks of the marketing elite, the Engine Group has built a clever little widget that connects to your LinkedIn account and scores you on your proximity to the great and the good: the Engine Power Index. I managed a measly 18%, so evidently I must network harder in future. Thanks to Tom Hyde for blogging this little beauty.

Engine Power Index

The Engine Power Index

Domino’s on Foursquare

Domino’s Pizza is partnering with Foursquare in the UK to bring regular customers rewards for checking in to their outlets. The mayor of each branch will receive a free pizza, while any user can earn a free side dish just for checking in. Apart from the recent Jimmy Choo campaign, few UK retailers have taken advantage of Foursquare. In the US press, however, Foursquare stories are now so ubiquitous that even the Onion is referencing the trend.

Uniqlo Lucky Line

Uniqlo are at it again, scoring a trending topic on Twitter this week when they launched a campaign to celebrate the brand’s 26th birthday. Users can sign up to the Lucky Line by tweeting, and every 26th person wins a voucher worth 1,000 yen. 100,000 people have taken part already – are you feeling lucky?

Uniqlo Lucky Line

Join the Lucky Line, win a Uniqlo voucher


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