Social Media Update

Google TV

So, Google is going to bring the joys of the web to that big old-fashioned box in your living room, thereby transporting you directly into the future. Google TV will allow you to “access all of your favorite websites and easily move between television and the web”: something we’ve been promised for a very long time, but no service has yet fully succeeded in providing.

Agencies Ranked by Foursquare Usage

DuBose Cole has put together an excellent league table of Foursquare usage across top London agencies.

London agencies ranked by Foursquare check-ins

London agencies ranked by Foursquare check-ins

I’m afraid LBi is languishing towards the bottom of the league, despite my best efforts. Come on guys – get involved!

Facebook’s Reputation Problem

The growing consensus seems to be that making your data public should be an opt-in, not an opt-out process. It’s not just the privacy issue that’s getting Facebook in trouble at the moment: fear of Facebook holding a monopoly on our personal data is leading to a resurgence in demands for open source solutions and shared standards. XKCD sums up the whole issue very concisely (thanks to @LordManley for tweeting this earlier today).

XKCD hits the nail on the head, as always

One winner in all this is Diaspora, “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network”. They’ve received a massive publicity boost and raised $175,000 from crowd-sourced contributions in just a couple of weeks. It’s not unthinkable for Facebook to one day be deposed by an open source rival.

Facebook banned in Pakistan

Facebook has been banned in Pakistan, due to a page encouraging people to upload drawings of Mohammad. Should Facebook take the page down, or is this a freedom of speech issue?

Twitter Parade

This is lovely. It takes a while to load, but is well worth the wait. Plug in your Twitter username, and watch a parade of tiny people march past, waving, running, playing guitar, even doing little backflips. It’s pointless, but satisfying: vaguely reminiscent of Uniqlo’s UTweet. Why do all the best things come from Japan?

Google Pacman Game

For one day only, Google has a playable game of Pacman on the main search page – try it out!

Google's Pacman game

Google's Pacman game

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