Social Media Update 01.04.10

Foursquare To Hit 1 Million Members

CEO Dennis Crowley told the Wall Street Journal Foursquare are on target to break 1 million users within the next couple of weeks. Twitter took two years to reach 1 million, whereas Foursquare has been around just over a year – not bad…

Tuenti Location

Spain’s leading social network, Tuenti, has beaten Facebook to introducing a location feature.
“Tuenti Sitios” (Tuenti Places) allows users to “add any local place, interact with it, share it with friends, upload images and write reviews.” Unlike Facebook pages, there will be no duplicates permitted. Expect to see movement on this from Facebook sometime in April – until then, speculation is rife.

The Future of Online Video

An intriguing thought piece from Clay Shirky on the future of online video. Viewed from a strategic perspective, he sees the challenge as being one of complex systems (traditional media companies) struggling to compete with simple solutions. Drawing parallels with the collapse of ancient civilizations, his point is ultimately that sometimes collapse is necessary for progress. There may well be money to be made in online video, but existing media companies may not last long enough to exploit it before imploding under the weight of their own structural bureaucracy.

Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

The periodic table is perhaps the most famous infographic in the world. Its ubiquity makes it ripe for repurposing, so Bill Keaggy went ahead and compiled a periodic table of periodic tables for your viewing pleasure. There’s even a periodic table of the social media elements (bit old now, but I couldn’t resist throwing it in).

Marmite Election

Marmite are at it again.  This time it’s a topical “election” theme – are you a “lover” or a “hater“?  The Marmite News Network promises to keep us informed of all the latest Marmite election news. It’s an audacious social media stunt, but with a brand as divisive as Marmite, it just might work.


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