The Conservative Technology Manifesto

Today, LBi London played host to the launch of the Conservative’s brand new Technology Manifesto!  A veritable media circus descended on Brick Lane, with political heavyweights, spin doctors, journos and curious staffers all piling into our lovely basement.

After an introduction by YouGov’s Stephan Shakespeare, Francis Maude talked about the importance of transparency and minimizing IT procurement wastage, while Jeremy Hunt focused on how developing a world class high-speed broadband network would directly translate into job creation.

As with most political press conferences, the script was defiantly vague and the questions demandingly precise.  Watching the furtive flurry of hand signals from political advisors, it felt a bit like being in an episode of The Thick of It (but with much less audible swearing, I assure you).  For a frighteningly complete transcript of the proceedings, just check the LBiLondon Twitter account, where the whole event was tweet-streamed live.


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