LBi Christmas Tree

The LBi Christmas Tree is now fully operational, and open to all requests.  It’s an unconventional tree, being entirely un-treelike in shape, colour and behaviour, but it’s a beautiful tree nonetheless.

Play us a tune!

“Mobile Mobile is a joyous seasonal story of re-cycled phones, collaboration and derring do.

Following an agency-wide mobile phone upgrade, an idea was hatched to re-cycle or “up-cycle” the phones in the form of an interactive sculpture. Essentially each phone is assigned a tone and is individually addressed by a computer to play the jingle or whatever the qwerty keyboard wants it to do.

Our COO not normally the most frivolous of elves, got in touch with his inner Jospeh and painstakingly sawed out the giant plywood polo from which all the re-cycled phones now hang. One of our colleagues in finance with piano skills played the midi file for the tune and the lads in IT took time out from turning it off and turning it on again to figure out the complexities of making all the kit work. And an army of agency staffers from designers and writers, to the facilities team and our managed services hosting heroes got together to hoist the beast up in our lobby. You might call it crowd sourcing, you might call it the hive mind of the agency. For us it’s just the way we work and a lovely way to celebrate the end of another great year. “

You can view the making-of documentary and find out how it all works at the Upcycle Ning network, or on Theo’s Gallimaufry.  There is, of course, a hashtag to follow for #lbitree news: the more you use it, the more our little tree will sing.  As I’m guest tweeter for LBiLondon this week, I will be certainly be doing my best to deafen the lovely people in reception with a cacophony of digital Christmas carols. Mwahahahahaaaa…

A mobile mobile.

Update: We got onto the front page of Engadget!  More specifically, I got onto the front page of Engadget! Bottom right hand corner, oh yes.  Am I famous now?


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