Save the Foundry

So, the Foundry is to be pulled down and replaced with an “art’otel”.  Such is progress.  I’m particularly upset because the building proudly wears one of my favourite space invaders.  Isn’t that a good enough reason for it to be listed?

The Foundry, in all its grubby glory

The Foundry, in all its grubby glory

Apart from the absurdity of tearing down a thriving artists’ bar to replace it with a fake art hotel, it seems particularly galling that there is a derelict site two hundred metres down the road just begging to be redeveloped.

Very obviously derelict

Very obviously derelict

This site has been derelict as long as I can remember, and is almost certainly structurally unsound (it must be, or it would have been turned into luxury apartments by now).  Couldn’t some clever developer buy it up, perhaps preserve the facade, and turn it into an interesting destination?  That, perhaps, would be a fitting “gateway to South Shoreditch” – not some incongruous new build eighteen storey high rise.

Rant over.

There is, of course, a Facebook group to join if you feel so inclined.  It won’t help save the Foundry, but it might assuage your feelings of guilt and/or helplessness.


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