White Mischief and an Impromptu Photo Shoot

So, I went to White Mischief with the Clockwork Quartet. Ed bought lots of lovely VIP tickets and was kind enough to grant me one.  It was a whirlwind of steampunk, music, dance, trapeze artistry, burlesque, escapology, gypsy bands, comedy, The Correspondents, and much more.  I would show you some pictures, but sadly, most of mine failed to  capture the full splendour of the evening.

Instead,  I will show you what happened on our way to the Scala.  We found this:

Sir Nigel Gresley

Sir Nigel Gresley

As far as I can ascertain from Google, Sir Nigel Gresley broke the steam speed record on the 23rd of May 1959, reaching 112mph.   The appearance at King’s Cross station was part of a celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of this event.  What more perfect backdrop could there have been for an impromptu photo shoot?

The Clockwork Quartet and Sir Nigel Gresley

The Clockwork Quartet and Sir Nigel Gresley

Incidentally, the Clockwork Quartet gets a mention in the NME this week – Steampunk is number 5 of their 49 Reasons to be Cheerful!


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