Notting Hill Arts Club and a Hula Boat Party

A great night for music.

First off, the impossibly fun House of Strange at Notting Hill Arts Club – joyous as ever.

Second, Akira: an extraordinarily energetic three piece band.  Gbenga has an utterly breathtaking voice and the whole band have an incredible presence on stage.  Worth a listen live – their MySpace really doesn’t do them justice at all.  Also, crazy apocalyptic video.

Third: Hula Boat Party.  Fund raiser for a start-up puppeteering company, the night’s line up was compered by the delightful Lambchop Magoo, who hula-hooped with boundless enthusiasm all evening.  Hats off to The Vamp for their wonderful gypsy  set: absolutely perfect for the Arts Ark.  Foxy and Raph did some “dreamy” beatboxing, and the DJs did a great job of unearthing long forgotten fifties classics like Quiet Whiskey by Wynonie Harris.

Pick of the evening, though, was The Correspondents.  Imagine Mr Scruff with a roaring twenties big band slant, fronted by a smooth-talking high-kicking scat-master.  If you can’t imagine that, here’s a helping hand:

Their version of Sing Sing Sing was absolutely unforgettable.  See them live or die trying.


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