Another Coldplay Copyright Case?

A tip-off from Jules:

“Listen to a bit of the end credits music from this little known computer game I used to have on my Amiga. The music starts at about 5:10mins into the video:

Now listen to this single Coldplay just released:

Is it just me?”

No, Jules, it’s not just you. They are indeed suspiciously similar. Not that I would wish to cast any aspersions – it could, of course, be mere coincidence. It is notoriously difficult to prove musical authorship, and there’s always a chance that both songs were originally inspired by another. Just as both Coldplay and Satriani were clearly influenced by Gunther:

Incidentally, if you would like to see more of Gunther and his large-breasted ladyfriends, there is a much better edited video of them here. I just couldn’t bring myself to post six whole minutes of that tache.

I hope this has been educational, kids.


3 responses to “Another Coldplay Copyright Case?

  1. you might want to add this one:

    in Greece Vandi copied Coldplay’s clocks.

  2. The sad part is that a music presenter in the only serious Greek music TV channel, MAD was fired when he mentioned the likeness and played the videos one after the other. Because the TV channel, was getting advertisement money, from what has been publicly said…
    And then they come up with the against Piracy add, “Piracy kills music”. Shamefull, greedy, bastards.

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