Everything Everything

I’ve been listening to Everything Everything obsessively for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t grown tired of them in the least.  They combine a number of admirable traits: high energy, clever lyrics and close harmony.  They remind me  of  Maximo Park, Young Knives and the Futureheads – all very good things.

I love their DIY approach to video, as seen in “Photoshop Handsome”:

Videos are all well and good, but it’s how they perform live that really matters.  If this is anything to go by, they must be pretty amazing:

Everything Everything are playing the Lexington in London on Tuesday the 17th of March.  Absolutely gutted I can’t go: I’m flying out of the country that very day.  Only one London date?  Come on, guys, help me out here – I want to give you my money, I really do…


3 responses to “Everything Everything

  1. 93 Feet East! That’s right next to where I work! Looking forward to it : D

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