Uniqlo March

I want to give Uniqlo a great big hug:

1) They make simple, well made clothes, and sell them at reasonable prices

2) They are digital demigods

Last year I became addicted to their Uniqlock: infectiously energetic music, crazy dancing girls and occasional bouncy-monster-fluff-ball things.  I could watch it for hours.  (And I have.)  What’s more, they made it so easy for me to share the love by creating a user friendly widget I could slot into my Facebook profile.

Now they’ve got something new up their collective sleeve: Uniqlo March.  They’re marching!  In March!  See what they did there?  This time, you can join their virtual march either by adding your name/social network profile/blog, or by applying to become a model yourself!

I’m slightly disappointed by the fact that the blog widgets don’t work in WordPress.com, but hey, that’s not their fault.  In return for showing my support, I am more than adequately recompensed with a free download of the background music, which I may have to leave on repeat for the next few days…

You can too!

You can too!


One response to “Uniqlo March

  1. You know my thoughts on slow loading flash EPR offerings, but it is fun to play with for the tiny proportion of us who have the patience to wait.

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